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Thriller - Aventure | France, Royaume-Uni |

8 épisode(s) de 52min

Life aboard a trawler can leave you covered in bruises, especially if you work under ‘Mad Mags’. Her fiery temper has given many former crew-mates a black eye, to the extent that only those desperate for a job would consider a berth on her boat, the Happy Hooker. Maggie hasn’t had a decent catch in months either, meaning she can no longer afford to keep her mentally and physically disabled father Lucky in his care home – he’ll have to come live with her. She has no idea how she’ll make this work, given she’s away fishing half the time. But her problems only really start when she finds a gold bar at the bottom of the ocean… At first, Maggie is overjoyed; this treasure could solve all of her financial woes. But making a quick sale means getting into bed with some shady people – not least, her deceitful ex-husband Gabin, who runs the formidable Boulogne-sur-Mer fishermen’s union. As it turns out though, he’s only small fry when compared to the deadly individual he sets up as a [...]
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