Fort Apache

Fort Apache

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Action - Crime | Italie |

8 épisode(s) de 50min

Nicola (30) and Luce (18) were born and raised in one of Cerignola’s toughest neighborhoods: the Gran Sasso quarter, known as ‘Fort Apache.’ Fresh out of prison, with the reputation as a mastermind of elaborate heists, Nicola now wants to change his life. Luce grew up with the legend of her big brother, and now she is preparing a sensational heist of her own that will allow her to leave Cerignola forever. They have one thing in common: sharp intelligence. Luce already has her own crew, all of them young, unpredictable, ambitious. Social media and the Internet have taught them to look beyond, to imagine a different life. And in Cerignola, crime is the fastest and easiest way to achieve this. Nicola also had his own crew, back in the day. But for them, crime was a very different thing: it was the only thing they knew how to do. Until something went wrong. Nowadays, they’re retired. They lead quiet lives, but deep down, they’re all actually looking forward to [...]
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