Doctor Who: Flux Integrated Campaign

Doctor Who: Flux

Creative Campaign Award

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Déclaration de l’auteur Doctor Who: Flux is an epic six-hour mystery, where dimensions merge and timelines fall apart. Our brief was to ensure the success of the core show, while driving buzz, reach and engagement on our digital platforms. We wanted the show to be the inspiration for everything we created, so we began with an epic treasure hunt across space and time as elements from the Doctor’s universe appeared in ours, including a nineteenth century oil painting featuring the TARDIS on display in an art gallery and the Doctor’s Sonic screwdriver trapped in amber at the Natural History Museum. The clues were available in real life and online so anybody could join in. Also, to mirror a plot point in the series, where the world turns to blackout before an alien invasion, we worked with nervous social platforms to delete our social channels (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the official website). A world first for an entertainment brand. Then after 24 hours of [...]
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