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Drame - Comédie | Hongrie |

8 épisode(s) de 50min

In 1793 in Bohemia, a certain Rabbi Bruno Hammel took up a substantial loan to become a fabric factory owner, trading in religion for business. Since then 8 generations of Hammels have kept and expanded the HammelTex. From father to son, from mother to daughter, the debt had been passed down but never paid back. Or rather: if they were paying back debt, they borrowed the money, creating new debt again. All this was based on Bruno Hammel’s simple philosophy: til Apocalypse comes, there is no end to the line where all debt suddenly need to be paid back. And the Jews are really only indebted to God anyway. Surviving the Holocaust, a branch of the family that moved to England during the fourties successfully kept the business… and the debt too. After the fall of communism, the English and the Hungarian branches united so that Jozsef Hammel could start up businesses in Hungary. But Jozsef – won over by greed and drug abuse – first destroyed his marriage and [...]
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