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Canada-France Series Lab

Historique - Comédie - Biographique - Drame - Policier - Inspiré de faits réels | Canada |

6 épisode(s) de 60min

Paris, 1650s. When her BFF reveals that she’s pregnant (and therefore faces shunning, or worse- marriage), our hero MADS comes up with a plan: the girls will join “The King’s Daughters » aka THE DOTS, an actual program where the King of France, in an effort to beat the English in the century-long battle for the New World, sent over « ships filled with women » (his words) to pre-Montreal and before-there-was-a-New-York; where, ultimately our heroes journey to discover: love, lust, adventure, danger, war, more lust, and finally more love, the real kind this time. (Today, descendants of “THE DOTS” include Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton, and Madonna – not making this up, I swear.) Our hero MADS (20-ish), or Madeleine d’Allonne, is an actual historical figure, the original successful businesswomen and a beacon of early feminism. She is also the lifelong partner of the famous explorer slash bad boy ROBERT (aka ‘BOB’) LA SALLE – who went on to ‘discover’ a [...]
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