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Sweet and Sore

Canada-France Series Lab

Policier - Comédie | Canada |

8 épisode(s) de 30min

SWEET AND SORE is a romantic workplace comedy series, set in Mississauga in the early 2000s before dating apps became prominent. As a waxing lady, Farida has also become the Egyptian community’s unofficial marriage broker. Her dream of gaining a higher social status in the community becomes more urgent after she meets a very handsome bachelor above her station, recently returned from France. Déclaration de l’auteurI am an Egyptian woman who has lived in various Western societies around the world as an expat and an immigrant. I’ve been frequently challenged by the new societal norms and ideologies I experienced as I moved around, and fascinated by the “us vs them” question.  Having grown up in classist Egyptian society, I’ve always wondered how I’m viewed. My parents came from a modest background but were smart and ambitious and managed to turn our fortunes around. Am I now seen as a member of a higher class? Or will I always bear the stigma of being socio-economically [...]
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