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Cette semaine, découvrez La verticale du fleuve de Clara Arnaud.

By Clara Arnaud

  • Genre : Drama
  • Publisher : Actes Sud
  • Language : French
  • Publication year : 2021

Why should you adapt this book into a TV series? 

In an isolated valley in Central America, shortly after the assassination of their mother, an activist for the cause of the Lenchuas Indians, three sisters find themselves confronted with the construction of a dam which imposes political stakes on the land of their ancestors, and the ecosystem hazards of a “green” modernity. Inspired by real events, this powerful and timely family drama explores the economic, environmental and political impacts of large-scale development on local and Indigenous communities and the devastating effects on everyone involved. This book makes for a stunning adaptation of a choral drama about a pressing social issue in the vein of ‘The Inside Game.’

What’s the story ?

In an isolated valley in Central America, one year after the assassination of their mother Suyapa, a militant ecologist and defender of the native Lenchua people, three sisters have to face the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the land of their ancestors.


  • The Inside Game
  • Deep Water
  • Occupied
The Inside Game
Deep Water

About the author

Clara Arnaud is the author of a debut novel, L’ORAGE (Gaïa, 2015), and two travel books.
For the past ten years Clara Arnaud has been working in the field of international development and has lived in China, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Honduras.

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