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Cette semaine, découvrez The Kouplan Series de Sara Lövestam.

By Sara Lövestam

  • Genre: Crime/mystery thriller
  • Language: Swedish
  • Publisher: Piratförlaget (Sweden)
  • Publication year: 2015
  • Translations: France, US, Denmark and Germany, Netherlands and Greece
  • Adaptation rights available: Yes

Why should you adapt this book into a TV series? 

A complex crime novel that brilliantly reinvents the codes of the Nordic noir novel, starting with its unusual protagonist, an Iranian illegal immigrant living in Stockholm.

Through a breathless investigation into the underbelly of Stockholm, the author explores hot and important topics, such as mental health problems, immigration, human trafficking, family relationships, and more. Beyond its excellent twists, this multi-awarded thriller stands out for its set of deeply human and endearing characters, far from the usual clichés.

With four novels, the Kouplan series is ideal for a multi-season series adaptation based in Stockholm or any other major city dealing with similar issues.

What’s the story?  

Series of four books featuring private detective Kouplan, an Iranian illegal immigrant based in Stockholm, penniless and paperless.


Kouplan has problems. His asylum appeal was rejected three years ago, yet he can’t return to his country without risking his life. He dreams of his family every night, yet he is afraid how they would react to him now. He cannot be seen by anyone, yet he needs to get out and make money.

In Iran he was a journalist, he should be able to use his skills here. So he writes an ad: ‘Do you need help with research or detective work?‘ The only one to answer the ad is Pernilla.

Pernilla’s daughter, Julia, disappeared four days ago. She let go of her hand for just a second, and the next moment she was gone. Pernilla would contact the police, if she could only trust them. But she can’t.

Kouplan’s hunt for the kidnapper leads him to the Stockholm’s underworld, but at the same time, something about Pernilla’s past doesn’t seem right. What is the truth about what happened to Julia?

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About the author

Sara Lövestam, born in 1980, is a freelance journalist who teaches Swedish to immigrants.

In spring 2009, she won the debutant novelist Bok-SM award for her first novel, Different, and has gone on to have seven books published. 
In 2015, the first book in the Kouplan Series, Truth is a Personal Matter, won the very prestigious DecIn 2015, the first book in the Kouplan Series, Truth is a Personal Matter, won the very prestigious Deckarakademin’s Award for Best Debut Crime Novel.
Sara Lövestam’s writing is well known for making the readers question the patterns we see in our society today.
A notable author and a young rising star in Sweden, Lövestam has a number of diverse novels to her name, which have been translated into several languages. All Her novels stand out for their quirky anti-hero characters, unique imagination and creativity.

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