Now in its third year, the UGC Writers Campus by Series Mania, will be held once again as part of Series Mania. An immersive week-long writing workshop for 20 emerging TV drama writers throughout Europe, and under the editorial supervision of Lorraine Sullivan, UGC Writers Campus by Series Mania will run from March 20-27, 2020.  Over the course of two months, more than 100 candidates from 30 different countries applied.

For the 2020 edition, the president of the campus will be Eli Horowitz, the creator and showrunner of the highly successful Amazon series Homecoming, starring Julia Roberts, with Season 2 set for this Spring. The 20 selected screenwriters will be also tutored by screenwriter Jeppe Gjervig Gram (Follow the money, Borgen) and screenwriter and story consultant Nicola Lusuardi (Bulletproof Heart, 1992), over the course of the program, through masterclasses, writing workshops and meetings with industry professionals. They will present their projects to the talent and producers of Series Mania Forum in one-on-one sessions and a general presentation on March 26, 2020 at Lille Grand Palais.  

Under the supervision of Lorraine Sullivan and the Series Mania selection committee, the selected participants include:  

  • Richard Brabin – At Sea – UK (London Film School)
  • Marta Irene Rosato – Bad Reputation – Italy (London Film School)
  • Judit Anna Banhazi – Christabel – Hungary (Midpoint)
  • Bar Farjun & Shachar Rosenfeld, Israël – The Instructors – (Sam Spiegel Film School)
  • Alain Moreau, France – Agnès & Luis (La Fémis)
  • Daniela Luciani & Ilaria Coppolecchia – Lamb of God – Italy (Scuola Holden)
  • Elena Lyubarskaya & Katerina Gerothanasi – Moving On – Russia & Greece (Serial Eyes)
  • Thomas Lehout & Juliette Barry – Lady Of War – France (CEEA)
  • Rachel Kilfeather – In the waters – Ireland
  • Kelsi Phung & Fabien Corre – Reconnaissances – France
  • Eva Mathijssen – Tulpa – Netherlands
  • Rahela Jagric Pric – Chef’s chefs – Slovenia
  • Manuela Piemonte – 10th July – Italy
  • Olga Chajdas & Marta Konarzewska – The Gift – Poland

Since the creation of the program, the UGC Writers Campus by Series Mania objective has been to find the best emerging talent, bring them together with renown showrunners, and allow them to share their creative vision,” stated Laurence Herszberg, founder and general director of Series Mania.  “An essential focus of the workshop teaches how to engage international audiences and produce innovative content in line with industry demands. We are delighted to be announcing these 20 selected participants, as well as Eli, Nicola and Jeppe as our esteemed guests and look forward to welcoming everyone to Lille.”

« We are very proud of the selection of screenwriters for the UGC Writers Campus. The richness of the profiles and the diversity of nationalities reflect our desire for openness and our desire to support national and international creation,” added Brigitte Maccioni, Ms. Brigitte Maccioni, managing director of UGC.