22 December 2020

The Best TV Shows of 2020 by Series Mania

With hundreds of new TV series broadcast this year, it has not been an easy task, but here they are... the best TV Shows of 2020 by Series Mania!

30 November 2020

Police Shows, Fiction, and Morality

[Opinion column] Longtime TV staples whose dramatic effectiveness is tried-and-true, police shows are now on trial in the United States for the way they justify the use of force

10 November 2020

[EXCLUSIVE] NO MAN’S LAND soundtrack : preview and behind the scenes

In an exclusive interview, the composer of the No Man’s Land series, Rutger Hoedemaekers, talks about the soundtrack, its behind-the-scenes production, its inspirations and reveals 5 preview titles! Pitched at Series Mania Forum 2017 under the title Fertile Crescent, No Man’s Land  received the 50 000€ prize for Best Project as part of the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions and […]

28 April 2020


An interview with Marti Noxon, the writer, producer and director who changed the way we tell women’s stories on television through shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sharp Objects.

6 April 2020


Since its beginnings, Series Mania has always had a special relationship with Australian drama. Get a close-up on the history and evolution of series productions from Down Under.

14 January 2020

Drawing contest: Showing future

Grand concours d’illustration ouvert à tous les créatifs, amateurs ou professionnels.