Judah LEVI




International Competition Jury

Judah Levi is an award-winning actor of film, television, and stage. Judah’s acting debut was in 1996. Since then, he has frequently performed main roles on TV series, most of them nominated. In 2015, he took part in NBC Universal’s ‘Dig’. In 2021, he won the Israeli Emmy for Best Drama Series for ‘Alumim’. Judah won the Israeli Emmy for Best Actor for both seasons in ‘Very Important Person’ (2014 – 2019). He also starred in Netflix’ ‘Mossad 101’ (2015–2017). In 2022, Judah was awarded Best Actor for his role in ‘Fire Dance’ at the Series Mania International Competition in France. In 2023, Judah will star on the screen in main roles in three new series: ‘East Side’, ‘The Enemy Among Us’ and ‘The Surrogate’.