Sofia Essaïdi

Actor, Auteur.e-Compositeur/trice-Interprète

France Maroc

International panorama Jury

French-Moroccan actress, author-composer and performer, Sofia Essaïdi was revealed at the age of eighteen when she participated in the Star Academy. An international tour followed and a first album, Mon Cabaret, in 2005. After having played the famous Cleopatra and Velma Kelly (Chicago) on stage, Sofia received the Award of Young Talents in 2010 for her performance in the TV movies Aïcha. In 2018, she plays in Kepler(s), selected at Séries Mania, then in 2020 in La Promesse. We find her in the unit of Hélène Angel, Qu’est-ce qu’elle a ma famille, adapted from the book by Marc-Olivier Fogiel and she will be on the cast of the series Les Combattantes in 2022, and also in the next films of Michale Boganim (Tel Aviv- Beirut) and Olivier Marchal (Overdose).