Unlikely Stepmom

Séries Mania 2023

New Season Premieres

World premiere
Comedy - Family | France | 2023

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2, 3, 4
Format : 8 x 22min

8 years later. While Prune and Alma are completely in love, Francis screws everything up by dumping Prune for another woman, less childish. Thi season is not about love breakup, but about a forced breakup between a stepmom and her step-daughter.  What is to become of you when it took you 8 years to love and raise each other but you can’t even get a shared custody? Grow up? Make a blood pact against the rest of the world until death do your part? Or develop an obsession with the holocaust? (Circle all that apply.)

Our take

In this continuation of the adventures of the lively Prune, Alma (played by one of the best newcomers from Chair Tendre, Saül Benchetrit) has certainly grown up! This sweet tale about the love we have for other people’s children and the need to understand where we come from is carried by characters that are as funny and deliciously childish as ever.

  • Created By Agnès HURSTEL, Victor SAINT-MACARY, Léa DOMENACH - Based on an original idea by Agnès Hurstel
  • Written By Agnès HURSTEL, Paul MADILLO
  • Directed By Agnès HURSTEL, Cloé BAILLY
  • Music Pierre III
  • With Agnès HURSTEL, Saül BENCHETRIT, Abraham WAPLER, Marie PAPILLON, Thomas GIORIA, Lison DANIEL, Nordine GANSO - with the participation of R. Jonathan Lambert et Mélanie Doutey, R. Jonathan LAMBERT, Mélanie DOUTEY
  • Production THE FILM TV
  • Broadcaster OCS
  • International sales LS DISTRIBUTION