Under control

Séries Mania 2023

French Competition

World premiere
Political - Comedy | France | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2, 3
Format : 6 x 30min

Marie Tessier, 45, director of an NGO, is appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs on the day when five Europeans, including two French, were taken hostage by terrorists in the Sahel. By making this crisis a personal matter, Marie will quickly cross all the red lines while trying to give the impression that everything is under control.

Our take

This series, which takes place between the Elysée Palace and the Sahel desert region, recounts with humor the uselessness of the political class which revels in believing that everything is “under control”. A quirky political series which reminds us of Parliament and Veep, with a brilliant cast (Léa Drucker, Samir Guesmi and Laurent Stocker) created by Charly Delwart and filmed by Erwan Le Duc (Perdrix).

  • Created By Charly DELWART
  • Written By Charly DELWART, in association with Benjamin CHARBIT
  • Directed By Erwan LE DUC
  • Music Julie ROUÉ
  • With Léa DRUCKER, Samir GUESMI, Laurent STOCKER de la Comédie Française
  • Production EX NIHILO, ARTE France
  • Broadcaster ARTE
  • French Broadcaster ARTE
  • International sales FEDERATION STUDIOS

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