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Thicker Than Water

Séries Mania 2023

Special Screenings

World premiere
Drama - Sorority - Suspense | France | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2, 3
Format : 8 x 30min

Right when she’s about to get the professional opportunity of her life, journalist Fara must reunite with her sisters to rescue their troublesome brother. The sisters will set off an unexpected spiral as they get entangled in their brother’s drug business… while keeping up a façade.

Our take

Thicker than water is showrunner Nawell Madani’s first series, which stars herself in the lead role. This tense series stresses the importance of sisterhood and family.

  • Created By Nawell MADANI, Simon JABLONKA
  • Written By Nawell MADANI, Simon JABLONKA, Jean-Charles PAUGAM With the collaboration of Réda SEDDIKI
  • Directed By Nawell MADANI, Lionel SMILA
  • With Nawell MADANI, Kahina CARINA, Carima AMAROUCHE, Aïda GUECHOUD, Mayane Sarah EL BAZE, Djebril ZONGA, Paul HAMY, Vincent ROTTIERS, Walid AFKIR, Radouan LEFLAHI, S Pri NOIR
  • Broadcaster Netflix