A Body That Works

Goof Shilishi

Séries Mania 2023

International Panorama

International premiere
Drama - Society | Israel | 2023

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 8 x 52min

One woman longs to be a mother, but she can’t carry a pregnancy to full term. Another woman, in desperate financial need, is able to grant the gift of life on the other’s behalf.  Their hopelessness unites them but their transaction is far from simple. The two women must let go. While one’s dream dies, the other must give up control over her body for nine months.

Our take

An intimate and sensitive series exploring an often-controversial topic: the bond between an infertile couple and the surrogate mother carrying their future child. Starring in the role of the father is Judah Levi, a winner at Series Mania 2022 and a member of this year’s jury.


  • Created By Shira HADAD, Dror MISHANI, Shay CAPON
  • Written By Shira HADAD, Dror MISHANI
  • Directed By Shay CAPON
  • Music Gal LEV
  • With Rotem SELA, Levi YEHUDA, Lior RAZ, Gal MALKA
  • Production Kuma Studios
  • Broadcaster Keshet 12
  • International sales KESHET INTERNATIONAL

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