Les Bracelets Rouges Nouvelle Génération

The Red Band Society

Séries Mania 2023

New Season Premieres

National premiere
Dramedy - Family - Medical | France | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 6 x 52min

New patients return to the pediatric department of the Leonardo da Vinci hospital in Arcachon. Zoé, Benji, Gabriel, Emma and Nathan are in the hospital permanently, taken after the sudden discovery of their disease, or already in treatment, sometimes for a while. Zoé and Nathan, who have just arrived, have to learn to live in this place, whereas outside, they had their lives all mapped out. Emma dreams of going out, while Gabriel feels better in the hospital than anywhere else. All different, but all sick, the new red band society will get to know and trust each other, even when some of them fear each other. It is however always in friendship that they find the strength to fight and keep hope, even if for Benji there is none left…

Our take

A new chapter of The Red Band Society begins and we follow a new group of teenagers who, despite being hospitalized with serious diseases in Arcachon, get on with their lives and all the drama, love stories and friendships that entails…

  • Created By Marie ROUSSIN
  • Written By Cecile BERGER, Pascal FONTANILLE, Solenn LE PRIOL, Winnie VATIMBELLA, Alexandre MANNEVILLE
  • Directed By Xavier DE CHOUDENS, Fabien GORGEART
  • Music Philippe DESHAIES, Lionel FLAIRS, Benoit RAULT, Olivier COURSIER
  • With Léo LORLEAC’H, Noé WODECKI, Kali BOISSON, Esther BLANC, Noah DÉRIC, Maxime PIPET, Michaël GREGORIO, Blandine BELLAVOIR, Emilie CAEN, Samira LACHHAB, Anne-Elisabeth BLATEAU, Lionel ABELANSKI, Guilaine LONDEZ, Emilie GAVOIS-KAHN, Anne SUAREZ
  • Production VEMA PRODUCTION
  • Broadcaster TF1, RTBF
  • International sales Les Gens

Freely inspired by Polseres Vermelles de TV3 - Televisio de Catalunya (created by Albert ESPINOSA and Pau FREIXAS).



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