The Fortress

Festning Norge

Séries Mania 2023

International Competition

World premiere
Thriller - Speculative fiction - Society | Norway | 2023

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 7 x 45min

🏆 Best Screenplay in International Competition goes to John KÅRE RAAKE, Linn-Jeanethe KYED

In the near future, Norway has chosen to sever all ties with the rest of the world. Surrounded by an enormous wall, the nation has become entirely self-sufficient. The fortunate inhabitants enjoy a life of well-being in safety. However, when an outbreak of a fatal disease occurs, they soon find themselves trapped behind the very walI that was built to protect them.

Our take

This futuristic series featuring Russell Tovey (Years & Years) echoes current debates, as it questions the relevance of migration policies while putting the subject of resource depletion at the heart of the action.


  • Written By John Kåre RAAKE (main writer), Linn-Jeanethe KYED
  • Directed By Mikkel B SANDEMOSE, Cecilie MOSLI
  • Music Jan Inge ANVIK (GINGE)
  • With Selome EMNETU, Russell TOVEY, Rebekka NYSTABAKK, Tobias SANTELMANN, Eili HARBOE
  • Production MAIPO FILM
  • Broadcaster Viaplay Group
  • International sales TRUSTNORDISK

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