The Code

French Competition

world premiere
Drama | France | 2020

Episode(s): 1 & 2
Series: 6 x 52min

An inoperable bullet shard can be fatal at any time to Idriss Toma, a brilliant Parisian lawyer for the rich and powerful. Aware that life has offered him a second chance, he returns to Lille and joins forces with Nadia Ayad, a committed lawyer and Jeanne Vanhoven, a former star of the bar. With the help of two young collaborators, they put their talent at the service of those whom the judicial machine threatens to crush.

Our take

A legal procedural series set in Lille about a law firm working to defend the worst-off, with a notably diverse cast. The plots are catchy and the series maintains the suspense with
lovable and humane characters, all of them caught in the very codified universe of the French justice system.

  • Created By Lionel OLENGA, Cécile EVEN, Nicolas ROBERT
  • Written By Lionel OLENGA, Nicolas ROBERT, Cécile EVEN, Lucille BRANDI, Julie-Anna GRIGNON, Julien ANSCUTTER
  • Directed By Jean-Christophe DELPIAS
  • Music Michaël TORDJMAN, Maxime DESPREZ
  • With Daniel NJO LOBÉ, Christiane MILLET, Naidra AYADI, Barbara PROBST, Théo FRILET, Catherine DEMAIFFE, Wendy NIETO
  • Production MAKINGPROD, L.O Productions
  • Broadcaster FRANCE 2