The Aerobics Project

French Competition

world premiere
Comedy Drama - sorority - spy - investigation | France | 2021

Episode(s): 1,2,3,4
Series: 10 x 22min

An offbeat pop show about female empowerment… and spies!

It’s the early Eighties near Toulouse, the birthplace of France’s aeronautic industry. The daily routine of Karine, a housewife in her forties, is upended by the arrival of a new neighbor – Jane, freshly arrived from the US. She brings a breath of modernity into the small residential suburb… and the gym too, introducing Karine and her friends to aerobics !

But behind her smiles and shiny leotards, Jane seems very interested in Project 37, a top-secret endeavor run by Karine’s husband Didier. Could there be more to Jane than meets the eye?

Our take

A tribute, as the title suggests, to the days of Veronique and Davina, to perms, to fringed jackets and orange coloured interiors. This new OCS signature series, which smells of the 80’s, is a laugh-out-loud comedy that looks at its characters with infinite tenderness and that combines aerobics, aeronautics and industrial espionage!

  • Created By Géraldine DE MARGERIE, Maxime DONZEL, David COUJARD
  • Written By Géraldine DE MARGERIE, Maxime DONZEL, Benjamin ADAM
  • Adaptation and dialogues Géraldine de Margerie, Maxime Donzel, Julien Patry
  • Directed By Julien PATRY
  • Music Clément DOUMIC, Antoine WILSON, Sébastien WOLF from Feu! Chatterton
  • With Claire DUMAS, Alexia BARLIER, Sophie CATTANI, Apollonia LUISETTI, Souad ARSANE, Jérôme POULY from the Comédie Française, Nina SIMONPOLI-BARTHELEMY, Laïs SALAMEH
  • Production EX NIHILO
  • French Broadcaster OCS

24 March

UGC Ciné-Cité
18:30 - 20:37
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Laetitia De Montalembert

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Apollonia LUISETTI

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Julien PATRY

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25 March

UGC Ciné-Cité
11:00 - 12:37