Tengo Que Morir Todas Las Noches

I have to die every nights

SĂ©ries Mania 2023

International Panorama

World premiere
Drama - Lgbtq+ - Society | Mexico | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 8 x 45min

🏆 The serie’s director Ernesto CONTRERAS won the Best Director Award in International Panorama

Tengo Que Morir Todas las Noches is a snapshot of the sophisticated and exclusive gay nightlife of one of the most emblematic clubs in 1980s’ Mexico City, where people living under the weight of a repressive society that marginalized them felt the need to express an exacerbated sense of freedom. Through the eyes of a young man eager to explore the world and live freely in the capital city, the series recreates a slice of life and a decade that shook the world.

Our take

A multi-character tale of the turbulent 1980s in Mexico City, when the emergence of LGBT countercultures from the capital’s party scene comes up against a waning regime and the dramatic arrival of AIDS.

– 12 ans


  • Written By Big DRAMA, Fanie SOTO
  • Directed By Enersto CONTRERAS
  • Music AndrĂ©s SÁNCHEZ MAHER, Gus REYES
  • With JosĂ© Antonio TOLEDANO, David MONTALVO, Brays EFE, Humberto BUSTO, Silvia NAVARRO, Cristina RODLO
  • Production Paramount, Alebrije Productions
  • Broadcaster PARAMOUNT+
  • International sales Paramount Global Distribution Group

Based on the book Tengo Que Morir Todas las Noches written by Guillermo Osorno

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