Pôr do Sol

Midnight Comedies

international premiere
Comedy | Portugal | 2021

Episode(s): 1
Series: 16 x 28min

The Bourbon de Linhaça family, known in Santarém as one of the most influent families in history, owns the Pôr do Sol estate, which has the best cherries and world champion racehorses. But every rose has its thorn and tragedy comes knocking on their door. The black sheep of the family, the scheming and shady brother of the engineer who owns the estate, is planning to end the supremacy of his family’s patriarch. At the same time, a figure emerges from the past. A lost daughter, born from the love between the lady of the estate and the housekeeper, is going to shake the foundations of this estate and make them question everything. Love, passion, mystery and betrayal fill the days at the Pôr do Sol estate.

Showcased as part of the Midnight Comedies, a whole evening of new comedies and on the big screen, screening from 8:00 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The UGC Ciné-Cité bar will be open to refresh you!

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  • Created By Henrique DIAS, Manuel PUREZA, Rui MELO
  • Written By Henrique DIAS, Roberto PEREIRA
  • Directed By Manuel PUREZA
  • Music TOY
  • With Gabriela BARROS, Diogo AMARAL, Marco DELGADO, Sofia SÀ DA BANDEIRA, Rui MELO
  • Production Coyote Vadio
  • International sales RÁDIO E TELEVISÃO DE PORTUGAL (RTP)

19 March

UGC Ciné-Cité
20:00 - 02:00