Short Forms Competition

International premiere
Drama - Comedy - Young Adult | Spain | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2, 3
Format : 10 x 20min

🏆 The series won the Prize for the Best Short Form

Self-defense is a moody and meandering series about two cheeky friends. They are in their twenties, they live in Barcelona, they are self-proclaimed queens who do what they want without asking permission, and who will cross all possible red lines to discover who they really are… or at least, that is how the two protagonists want to frame things. Behind the humour, satire and wit, Self-defense is about two anxious girls, struggling to cope with the world.

Our take

An acerbic and provocative series, in which creators Berta Prieto and Belén Barenys play their own life excessively. Self-Defense reinvents the serial narrative and form to paint an uncompromising portrait of a lost generation: the Gen Z. The heir of Girls is Spanish!


  • Created By Berta PRIETO, Belén BARENYS, Miguel Ángel BLANCA
  • Written By Berta PRIETO, Belén BARENYS, Miguel Ángel BLANCA
  • Directed By Miguel Ángel BLANCA
  • With Berta PRIETO, Belén BARENYS
  • Production FILMIN, Boogaloo Films
  • Broadcaster FILMIN