Comedy Competition

World premiere
Comedy - Speculative fiction | France | 2023

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 9 x 26min

🏆 RICTUS won the prize for the best series in comedy Competition by the Jury LycĂ©en de la RĂ©gion Hauts-de-France

In a world where laughter is prohibited, Steph, diligent employee and model citizen, unwittingly sets off his intern CĂ©line’s hilarity. Hunted down by the anti-laughter police, kidnapped by a group of rebels, will Steph turn out to be “the chosen one”, responsible for a mass dissolving into fits of laughter?

Our take

To see the speech of the two creators of RICTUS , click here.

  • Created By Arnaud MALHERBE, Marion FESTRAËTS
  • Written By Arnaud MALHERBE, Marion FESTRAËTS
  • Directed By Arnaud MALHERBE
  • Music Flemming NORDKROG
  • With Fred TESTOT, OphĂ©lia KOLB, Youssef HAJDI, Contance DOLLÉ, Anne CHARRIER, Eddy LEDUC, Julien JACOB, Pascal DEMOLON, Olivier CHARASSON, Marie KREMER, Lison DANIEL, Pierre-Emmanuel BARRÉ, GiedrĂ© GIEDRÉ, Moussa MANSALY
  • Broadcaster OCS

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