Séries Mania 2023

Short Forms Competition

International premiere
Lgbtq+ - Drama - Musical | Canada | 2022

Episode(s) diffusé(s) :
Format : 6 x 10min

In search of fame and recognition, the self-proclaimed “rising star” Nichole is trying to break into Montreal’s music scene. Through a documentary project, a small film crew gets a glimpse into Nichole’s life filled with devotion and carefreeness – that of becoming an international superstar.

Our take

The strength of this mockumentary lies not only in its brilliant blurring of the boundaries between fiction and reality but also in its tender and moving look at the desire for fame.

  • Created By Guenièvre SANDRÉ
  • Written By Guenièvre SANDRÉ
  • Directed By Gabriel SAVIGNAC, Guenièvre SANDRÉ
  • With Alexandre LAVIGNE, François RUEL-CÔTÉ
  • Production inséparables films
  • Broadcaster -, Télé-Québec