Séries Mania 2023

International Panorama

World premiere
Drama - Fantasy - Family | Pakistan, India | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 6 x 58min

A wealthy 76-year-old man, running a resort in the quaint and magical Land of Nowhere – known for its mythical history and shamanic roots – invites his children for his “Third and Final Wedding.” But this event will awaken the anger of the locals, and bring back past grievances.

Our take

An Indian-Pakistani co-production shot in Karachi and the magnificent Hunza Valley. A blend of realism and fantasy, Limboland is a family saga unfolding like a tale, in which ghosts mingle with the living and a family reunion is marked by the crazy decision of a patriarch who has never come to terms with the loss of his first love.

  • Created By Shailja KEJRIWAL, Waqas HASSAN
  • Written By Asim ABBASI
  • Directed By Asim ABBASI
  • Music Sarmad GHAFOOR
  • With Fawad Afzal KHAN, Sanam SAEED, Salman SHAHID, M Fawad KHAN, Syed ARHAM
  • Production ZINDAGI, Nuwave
  • International sales ZINDAGI