The Kingdom

L'hôpital et ses fantômes (Riget)

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Fantasy | Denmark | 1994

Episode(s): 1, 2
Series: 4 x 60min

The gate to The Kingdom is opening. The clash between the science and supernatural is beyond. The spiritualist patient, Drusse, tries to help the crying spirit of a killed, young girl, to find peace. The neurosurgeon Stig Helmer struggles to cover up for a failed operation, which left a girl in a vegetative state. All while a ghostly ambulance races on highways, a doctor runs a black market in medical supplies, and a neurosurgeon was impregnated by a ghost and the baby is developing unusually rapidly.

Not recommanded for children under 12.

Our take

Discover the remastered version of the first two episodes of the series directed by Lars von Trier in 1994, before the release of the new 3rd season, 25 years after the 2nd season.

Q&A with Peter Aalbaek Jensen, producer of the original series and Louise Vesth, producer of the new 3rd season, moderated by journalist Charles Bosson

  • Created By Lars VON TRIER
  • Written By Lars VON TRIER, Niels VØRSEL
  • Directed By Lars VON TRIER
  • Music Joachim HOLBEK
  • With Ernst-Hugo JÄREGÅRD, Kirsten ROLFFES, Ghita NØRBY, Søren PILMARK, Birgitte RAABERG, Peter MYGIND, Udo KIER, Laura CHRISTENSEN, Holger Juul HANSEN, Jens OKKING, Otto BRANDENBURG, Baard OWE, Vita JENSEN, Morten Rotne LEFFERS, Holger PERFORT
  • Production ZENTROPA
  • Broadcaster DR
  • International sales TRUSTNORDISK

23 March

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24 March

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