Midnight Comedies

international premiere
Comedy | Norway | 2021

Episode(s): 1,2
Series: 8 x 22min

We follow Jamal in his late 20s who lives with his best friend Abdi. Jamal lives a comfortable life which consists exclusively of partying and little liability. When a huge debt knocks on the door, he has to resort to his brother Osman who helps him with a somewhat unexpected job in the insurance industry. Jamal eventually ends up in conflict with himself, as he struggles to balance the life at work, and how he sees himself as these two identities are not compatible.

Not recommanded for children under 10.

Showcased in the presence of the team as part of the Midnight Comedies, a whole evening of new comedies and on the big screen, screening from 8:00 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The UGC Ciné-Cité bar will be open to refresh you!

  • Created By Jonis JOSEF, Mikael SAMUELSEN
  • Written By Jonis JOSEF, Mikael SAMUELSEN, Jenny VUONG
  • Directed By Mikael SAMUELSEN
  • With Jonis JOSEF, Dennis STORHØI, Anette HOFF, Ingrid GIÆVER, Henrik FARLEY, Arman SURIZEHI, Marlene STAVRUM, Abubakar HUSSAIN, Isak NOOR, Odd-Magnus WILLIAMSON, Abdullahi BASHIR
  • Production Spark As
  • Broadcaster TV2

19 March

UGC Ciné-Cité
20:00 - 02:00
They will be


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