Haven of Grace

SĂ©ries Mania 2023

International Competition

World premiere
Drama - Thriller - Investigation | France, Belgium | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 6 x 52min

🏆 The Best Actress Award of the international Competition went to Margot BANCILHON 

Pierre Leprieur is a respected figure from a powerful dockers’ union in Le Havre. But on the night of his 60th birthday, his world is turned upside down. His two sons find themselves implicated in a cocaine bust and are placed under arrest. Pierre asks his daughter, a criminal lawyer, to defend her brothers who claim to be innocent. Believing he has been the target of a plot, Pierre decides to investigate. But the truth is dangerous and brutal. Behind a sprawling drug smuggling operation lies a curse: the curse of this city and the Leprieur family…

Our take

Filmed by Magnetic Beats director Vincent Maël Cardona, this is the tragic story of the lies and redemption of a unionist’s family confronted with drug trafficking in the docks of Le Havre. Starring a quality cast led by Olivier Gourmet, Panayotis Pascot, Margot Bancilhon, Pierre Lottin and Alyzée Costes.

  • Created By Maxime CRUPAUX, Baptiste FILLON
  • Written By Maxime CRUPAUX, Baptiste FILLON, Sylvie CHANTEUX, Malysone BOVORASMY
  • Directed By Vincent MaĂ«l CARDONA
  • Music Maxence DUSSERE
  • With Olivier GOURMET, Margot BANCILHON, Panayotis PASCOT, Pierre LOTTIN, Astrid WHETTNALL, GRINGE, Eliane UMUHIRE, Nailia HARZOUNE, AlyzĂ©e COSTES, Samuel THEIS, Xavier BEAUVOIS
  • Production EGO PRODUCTIONS
  • Broadcaster ARTE France, Streamz
  • French Broadcaster ARTE France
  • International sales Mediawan Rights



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