Funeral for a dog

Funeral for a dog

International Panorama

international premiere
Romance - Adventure - mystery | Germany | 2022

Episode(s): 1, 2
Series: 8 x 45min

The journalist Daniel Mandelkern travels to Italian Lake Orta for an interview with the famous but mysterious novelist Mark Svensson. In the writerJ s remote lakeside estate, he finds himself entangled in an infriguing and dangerous love story – a love triangle that ended in a mysterious death.

Not recommanded for children under 10.

Our take

Based on the novel of the same title from Thomas Pletzinger, also co-creator of the series, Funeral for a Dog takes us on a two crossing routes: the first one starts in Columbia, in the eventful political world of the 1990s, with a young Finnish doctor meeting two German students, an encounter that will change her life; Ten years later, a journalist on the run travels to the beautiful landscapes of Italian Piedmont to interview one of the characters of the trio, who became a writer. This latest original feature on Sky is a delight, a very elegant series that will enchant its audience.

  • Created By Hanno HACKFORT, Bob KONRAD, Thomas PLETZINGER
  • Written By Hanno HACKFORT, Bob KONRAD, Thomas PLETZINGER
  • Directed By David DIETL, Barbara ALBERTI
  • Music Michael KAMM
  • With Friedrich MÜCKE, Albrecht SCHUCH, Alina TOMNIKOV, Daniel STRÄSSER, Ina Geraldine GUY, Anne RATTE-POLLE
  • Production Flare Entertainment GmbH, Sky Germany
  • Broadcaster Sky
  • International sales Sky Studio/NBCU
  • Adapted from Novel "Funeral for a dog" by Thomas Pletzinger

24 March

UGC Ciné-Cité
20:15 - 22:25
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25 March

UGC Ciné-Cité
11:45 - 13:25