Mentiras Pasajeras

Fleeting Lies

Séries Mania 2023

International Competition

World premiere
Comedy | Spain | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2, 3
Format : 8 x 30min

One month before her wedding, and just before being appointed as the director of the high-tech beauty treatments company where she works at, Lucía is betrayed by Santi, her promotion rival. Because of this, Lucía is accused of industrial espionage and gets fired without consideration. For fear of losing everything that she has fought for, Lucía conceals the truth at home and falls into a spiral of lies and shady business, along with her plastic surgeon best friend.

Our take

Produced by the Almodóvar brothers and packed with an exceptional cast (Elena Anaya, Hugo Silva, Pilar Castro & Quim Gutiérrez), this series is an elegant and delightful comedy about appearances, the obsession of beauty and success.

  • Created By Nerea CASTRO, Blanca ANDRÉS
  • Written By Nerea CASTRO, Pol CORTECANS, Blanca ANDRÉS
  • Directed By Félix SABROSO, Marta FONT
  • Music Aitor ETXEBARRIA
  • With Elena ANAYA, Pilar CASTRO, Quim GUTIÉRREZ, Hugo SILVA, María BOTTO, Susi SÁNCHEZ
  • Production El Deseo, Paramount
  • International sales Paramount Global Distribution Group