Five Years

Pět let

Short Forms Competition

International premiere
Drama - Young Adult - Society | Czech Republic | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2, 3
Format : 10 x 15min

A new 10-part web series tells the story of two university students whose promising lives are interrupted by a rape accusation. The series explores the theme of sexual violence and consent from different angles. It does not seek to demonize the aggressor or glorify the victim, instead it looks at the matter from both perspectives.

Our take

Two old high-school friends and two viewpoints clash in this post #MeToo series, weaving a complicated memory through two time frames, and providing us with a meticulous analysis of the notion of consent and the long-term effects of sexual assault.

– 10 ans

  • Written By Sára ZEITHAMMEROVÁ
  • Directed By Damián VONDRÁŠEK
  • Music Ondřej HOLÝ
  • With Alžběta MALÁ, Samuel TOMAN
  • Production Czech Television
  • Broadcaster Czech Television
  • French Broadcaster -, -
  • International sales Czech Television Telexport