Fire Dance

ריקוד האש

International Competition

world premiere
Drama - Romance - sorority | Israel | 2022

Episode(s): 1,2
Series: 8 x 50min

Faigie, 18, grew up in a broken home, without a father figure. She attaches her future happiness to Nathan, the 35-year-old married son of the leader of the ultra-orthodox community in which they both live. Faigie’s feelings and her longing for a relationship with Nathan can never materialize. It is this delicate tension, between passion and fulfillment, set on the backdrop of a conservative, devout community – in which Fire Dance exists.

Our take

Director Rama Burshtein-Shai (Fill the Void) debuts on television with a story of liberation for a young woman with suicidal tendencies. Driven by desire and awestruck by the rabbi of her community, and the anger she feels against controlling rules, she gradually recovers self-confidence, and a will to live.

  • Created By Rama BURSHTEIN-SHAI
  • Written By Rama BURSHTEIN-SHAI
  • Directed By Rama BURSHTEIN-SHAI
  • Music Daniel ZAMIR
  • With Mia IVRYN, Yeduha LEVI, Noa KOLER
  • Production Kuma Studios
  • Broadcaster yes TV
  • International sales yes Studios

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