Duty After School

Special Screenings

World premiere
Science-fiction - Adventure - Young Adult - Action | South Korea | 2023

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 10 x 60min

Life is pretty stressful for high-school senior students, who are getting ready to pass their final exams… and it is about to get much worse! When an alien menace starts raining down from the sky and attacks, military forces seem helpless. All of a sudden, every high-schooler in Korea is enrolled by the army to join the first war against extraterrestrial forces.

Our take

With the world’s attention drawn to Korean cinema and television, global audiences have become familiar with k-dramas’ trademark tonal shifts and genre-bending stories. Mixing teen drama, sci-fi and military imagery proves a winning recipe for Duty After School, adapted from the popular eponymous webtoon. The series relies on a raft of new talent in front of and behind the camera, to a thrilling, funny, and surprisingly critical result.  

  • Created By Jin-Sun SONG, Soo YOON, Nam-Kyu LEE
  • Written By Soo YOON, Nam-Kyu LEE
  • Directed By Yong-Il SUNG
  • Music Baek EEU-WOO
  • With Hyun Soo SHIN, Soon-Won LEE, Sae-Mi LIM, Eun-Bin KWON, Ki-Hae KIM, Min-Chul KIM, Soo-Kyum KIM, Sang-Min MOON, So-Hee KIM
  • Production STUDIO DRAGON, Gtist
  • Broadcaster TVING
  • International sales CJ ENM

Adapted from Duty After School (Original Web-toon by Ha Il-kwon)