Désobéir : Le choix de Chantale Daigle


International Panorama

International premiere
Based on true facts - Society | Canada | 2023

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 6 x 45min

The story of the famous 1989 trial of Chantale Daigle vs Jean-Guy Tremblay. Pregnant when they broke up, Chantale decides to have an abortion. Jean-Guy, his pride injured, wants to stop her and takes her to court. Swept up in a media and political whirlwind, Chantale finds her life turned upside down forever and will have to find the strength to stand by her choice all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our take

Disobey shines a light on a true story that is not that well known outside of Canada – that of a woman fighting for her bodily autonomy and right to choose. Resonating with our current times, this series reminds us that women’s rights are never to be taken for granted.

  • Created By Isabelle PELLETIER, Daniel THIBAULT
  • Written By Isabelle PELLETIER, Daniel THIBAULT
  • Directed By Alexis DURAND-BRAULT
  • Music DAZMO
  • With Éléonore LOISELLE, Antoine PILON, Denis TRUDEL, Juliette GOSSELIN, Joakim ROBILLARD, Alex BERGERON, Sylvie DUBÉ, Roch AUBERT, Rachel GRATON, Julie TRÉPANIER, Émilie BIDEAU, Marie-Claude ST-LAURENT, Andréanne THÉBERGE, Éric ROBIDOUX, Jean-François PICHETTE
  • Broadcaster CRAVE (BELL Medias)
  • International sales Attraction Distribution