Séries Mania 2023

International Panorama

International premiere
Drama - Thriller - Speculative fiction | Spain | 2022

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 5 x 50min

A solar storm hits the Earth causing a major blackout all over the planet. This new reality is the setting for five stories of characters struggling to adapt to a world without power and technology. During the blackout, they will all confront their most basic needs, fears and instincts.

Our take

Five stories directed by prestigious Spanish filmmakers, including Rodrigo Sorogoyen (As Bestas, Antidisturbios), about the gradual collapse of our civilization following a solar storm that hits Earth, causing a prolonged global power outage. An edifying series about our society’s inability to ensure its own survival.

  • Created By Fran ARAUJO
  • Written By Isabel PEÑA, Alberto MARINI, Raúl ARÉVALO, Fran ARAUJO
  • Directed By Rodrigo SOROGOYEN, Raúl ARÉVALO
  • Music Olivier ARSON
  • With Callejo LUIS, Ainhoa SANTAMARÍA, Melina MATTHEWS, Tomás DEL ESTAL, Zoé ARNAO, Patricia LÓPEZ ARNAIZ, Jesús CARROZA, Naira LLEÓ, María VÁZQUEZ
  • Production Movistar+
  • Broadcaster Movistar+
  • International sales Movistar+

Inspired by El gran apagón podcast (written by José A. Pérez Ledo)