A Thin Line

International Panorama

International premiere
Drama - Young Adult - Society | Germany | 2023

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2
Format : 6 x 50min

Twin sisters Anna and Benni Krohn are determined cyber activists who run an anonymous platform on which they report environmental crimes. When they are exposed after a hacking attack on the government, the introverted Anna is arrested by the federal police, while the charismatic Benni manages to escape and joins “The Last Resistance”, a terrorist environmental activist group. As Benni becomes more and more radical, Anna is persuaded to work with the police and suddenly the sisters find themselves on opposite sides.

Our take

How far will you go to save our planet? That is the question posed by this edgy thriller revolving around two activists twin sisters, advocates of civil disobedience, whose relationship is threatened by their respective ethical and moral choices.

  • Created By Jakob D. WEYDEMANN, Jonas WEYDEMANN
  • Written By Stefanie REN (Head-writer), Jonas WEYDEMANN, Nicki BLOOM, Sabrina SARABI
  • Directed By Sabrina SARABI, Damian John HARPER
  • Music Andreas PFEIFFER
  • With Saskia ROSENDAHL, Hanna HILSDORF, Peter KURTH, Hadewych MINIS, Sebastian HÜLK, Lucia KOTIKOVA, Sohel ALTAN GOL, Aniol KIRBERG
  • Production Weydemann Bros., Serial Drama GmbH
  • Broadcaster PARAMOUNT+
  • French Broadcaster Paramount Plus
  • International sales Paramount Global Distribution Group