A Strange Summer

Short Forms Competition

National premiere
Drama - Thriller - Young Adult | Finland | 2021

Screened episode(s) : 1, 2, 3
Format : 8 x 15min

21-year old Minna works as a gardener. She has stayed in her small hometown and feels trapped, not really knowing what she wants in life. This summer, her best friend, Aino, returns home after backpacking through Asia for the past two years. Aino has been living the life Minna has only dreamt about, but now she’s back, and moves to live on Minna’s floor. The following months, they’ll be spending day and night together. Neither of them knows what will happen in the autumn, so to escape the feeling of uncertainty and the boredom of a small town, the friends come up with a dangerous hobby: they start sneaking into other people’s houses. They get a massive rush out of it, and take their game to more and more dangerous levels every night. At the same time, their close friendship starts to fall apart.

Our take

Part buddy drama, part psychological thriller, this enigmatic series explores a friendship that has become toxic and holds up a mirror to our uncertain times.

– 10 ans

  • Created By Lauri-Matti PARPPEI
  • Written By Lauri-Matti PARPPEI
  • Directed By Lauri-Matti PARPPEI
  • French Broadcaster YLE
  • International sales YLE