Alexandra Lebret

Managing Director
European Producers Club - France

Alexandra Lebret is the Managing Director of the European Producers Club and a producer.

In 2002, Alexandra was appointed as Managing Director of the European Producers Club.  Alexandra has driven the EPC into a new era,  and worked at transforming the association into the renowned actor it has become. Today, the EPC represents over 130 film and TV drama producers from all over Europe and Canada, it is the leading organisation of European Independent Producers in Europe and in the world – with successful actions led across China and India.

With its network of producers and the expertise developed over the years, the EPC has established itself as a principal interlocutor of the European Commission and several other players of the industry.

Alexandra has become an expert in the European audio-visual landscape and often shares her reflexion on the industry at the occasion of panels organised all over the world. In 2014 she founded the production companies Mare Nostrum Productions and Halley Production, and produced 8 films in 2 years which received 12 awards.

She is currently developing 3 TV Projects and 2 feature films.

In 2013, she was decorated Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres  for her work in favour of the European cinema.