Changement climatique : l’industrie audiovisuelle a-t-elle un rôle à jouer ?

en partenariat avec CEPI, Confédération de producteurs audiovisuels européens indépendants

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Modéré par Charlotte Applegreen, Secrétaire générale, Cine-Regio

Join us for this exciting workshop which will provide a platform for leading figures from the audio-visual industry to share best practices and trainings which can promote a greener and more sustainable film and TV industry. Speakers will include film and TV Producers, Film Commissions and Regional bodies, Broadcasters and Film funds agencies.

Several networks and companies will present exciting initiatives with a European and international focus, and with a close eye towards co-productions. The EPC producers’ Green Charter, the industry answers towards the society wake-up calls towards preserving the environment, the new incentives to help companies become greener in the forthcoming years, the way production companies and broadcasters are synergising on these important aspects.

With industries across the economy becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to reduce their environmental footprint and the European Commission and national governments looking to ‘green the industry’, this panel will contribute to the growing debate as how we can support our industry’s effort to reduce its impact and continue to produce/distribute high level content.

26 mars

Lille Grand Palais - Salle Van Gogh
14:00 - 15:30

Charlotte Applegreen

Cine-Regio -
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Mathieu Delahousse

Secoya Eco Tournage - France
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Luca Ferrario

Italian Film Commissions national association - Italy
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Alvaro Longoria

Morena Films -
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John Lueftner

Superfilm (Austria) - Autriche
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Stan McCoy

Motion Picture Association (MPA) Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) - Belgique
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