Moving On

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Katerina Gerothanasi & Elena Lyubarskaya

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After Elena dies and becomes a ghost, all she can think about is revenge on her friend Katerina who stole her husband and her job. So, instead of going to the afterlife, Elena stays in our world together with other lost souls who have unfinished business. But haunting the lives of your loved ones is a tough lifestyle – especially when another ghost is working against you.

“Moving on” is a ghost story told from the perspective of the ghosts who choose to stay in the world of the living. Through the stories of ghosts, we explore questions, very familiar to every human being – why is it sometimes so hard to move on, leave the past behind, and march into a new life? Why do we keep clinging to things that hold us back? Why is it so unbearable to say “good-bye”, even when you know that love is gone?

  • Elena Lyubarskaya Screenwriter
  • Katerina Gerothanasi Screenwriter