Co-Pro Pitching Session 2

Pitching session

The Co-Pro Pitching Sessions are a presentation of 16 series in development, selected from over 400 submissions, with the purpose of providing the representatives the opportunity to pitch their original and forward-thinking series ideas to a panel of potential financiers: broadcasters, distributors, producers, as well as representatives from public and private funds.

Co-Pro Pitching Sessions – Official Selection (Eligible for Best project prize):

  • A Marriage, Indigo Film, Italy
  • Casa Girls, The Film TV, France
  • Doppelgänger, AVI FILMS, Spain/Argentina
  • Frozen Land, Non-Stop Production, Russia
  • Good People, Hélicotronc, Unité de production, Belgium/France
  • Life and Fate, Cosmopolitan Pictures, United Kingdom
  • My First Family, Haut et Court TV, Quiddity, France/Israel
  • Play of Mirrors, Velázquez in Rome, Vertice 360, Spain
  • Submarine, The Mediapro Studio & Globo, Spain/Brazil
  • Tahrir, Artza Productions, Israel
  • The Abduction of Yossele Shumacher, Eran Riklis Productions, Israel
  • The Black Lady, AT-Production, Zeitsprung Pictures , France/Germany/Belgium
  • The Island, Producers At Work, Germany
  • Turbo, Sense Production, Serbia
  • Underground, Anagram Norway, Norway

And a 16th title, out of competition, in partnership with CoPro Series of Berlinale Series Market and Conference, has been selected : Transitniki, Rohfilm Factory, Germany

25 March

Lille Grand Palais - Auditorium Eurotop
11:15 - 12:00