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Logline :

Year 2221 in the United States of America. Black and white people live in complete separation unbeknownst to most of the population. It is only after the sudden encounter of their two young leaders, that there may be a chance for coexistence based on true equality and freedom.

Synopsis :

In a future , two hundred years from now, the United States of America is an isolated country inhabited only by white people.

The government’s department of history and secrets of state, has done an outstanding job at re-writing the country’s past. And that combined with the short life expectancy of its citizens due to lack of genetic diversity, has become the perfect setting for the lies to live on as truth for everyone in the country. Including its president, Samantha, a young woman in her mid twenties, who has never seen or heard of the existence of black people.

Under the state of Washington, live hidden for their protection, a black, brown, and indigenous community of survivors and their descendants. As they started to get killed and jailed massively back in the day, some fled the country but others stayed and built a network of cities underground. Going back to the ways of living and spiritualities of their African and Native ancestry, they’ve taught their descendants the truth about their past from before the slave trade and educated everyone on justice and peace.

When Sha Amina is crowned Queen of the biggest tribe of the underground, she is told for the first time who she really is: The source code of humankind. The closest there is to the original human being. The secret for the genetic survival above and below ground.

Knowing this and against her tribe’s decision, Sha escapes to the overground world to fulfill what she believes is her mission, but is captured instantly. As the president, Samantha is called to discover a black person for the first time, she is pressured to make a decision: Should the black woman be eliminated to ensure the purity of the white race in America? Or should her body be used for the genetic extraction of the DNA that would save them?

The two women will soon discover the intricacies of each of their worlds and understand that if there’ll ever be a way back to unite their people, it is more rooted in their past, than in their present.

Author’s biography :

Sally Fenaux Barleycorn is a multicultural and international screenwriter, director, educator and diversity consultant with more than a decade of professional experience in the film industry. Her resume is made up of work experiences in several roles and all types of productions, from branded content and independent movies, to Hollywood-style mega-productions, as well as content for streaming platforms. She has written and directed a dozen fiction short films, some independently and some for clients, and completed her first feature film in 2021 for Else Cinema. She is the co-founder of Black Seed Films, a training programme for project development with the purpose to equip black creators to develop their film and TV ideas.

  • Author Sally Fenaux Barleycorn