The Cry of the Butterflies

El Grito de las Mariposas

Colombia |

13 x 45 min

In the 1940s, the dictator Rafael Trujillo turned the life of the Dominican Republic into a tragic opera. After daring to say “no” to him at a ball, Minerva is forced to go underground under the name of “Mariposa” (Spanish for butterfly). Her commitment will challenge her tender friendship with Arantxia, a Spanish woman who has emigrated to the island to pursue a career as a dancer, and who does not share her opinions.

  • Created by Juan Pablo BUSCARINI
  • Directed by Inés PARÍS Leandro IPIÑA Mariano HUETER
  • Written by Ricardo RODRÍGUEZ Juan Pablo BUSCARINI Azucena RODRÍGUEZ Juan M. CARBALLO Gabriel NICOLI
  • With Sandy HERNÁNDEZ Susana ABAITUA Luis Alberto GARCÍA Guillermo TOLEDO Belén RUEDA Mercedes SAMPIETRO Héctor NOAS Maridalia HERNÁNDEZ Jairo CAMARGO Essined APONTE Alina ROBERT Camila ISSA
  • Music Sergei GROSNY
  • Production Gloriamundi Producciones, Pampa Films , Debut y Despedida, Tandem Films, Mediabyte
  • Broadcaster Star+ Original Productions