The Amazing Grace of Σ


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world premiere
Drama - Crime | Taiwan | 2021

Episode(s): 1 & 2
Series: 10 x 60min

Muqi, a young pop star becomes more and more arrogant, especially with his manager Nagatsuki, a long-time friend who suddenly commits suicide. Muqi finds himself crushed by sadness and guilt. At the funeral, he meets Master Bensheng, guru of a cult his friend belonged to. If at first, he finds comfort within his place, cracks may soon appear in the caring appearances of the cult members.

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  • Création Lo-Ying WU, Stanley HSU
  • Scénario Lo-Ying WU
  • Réalisation Lo-Ying WU, Ray JIANG
  • Musique Sandee CHAN, DIZPARITY
  • Avec Chun-Yao YAO, Aaron YAN, Jason TSOU, Yi-Jung WU, Daphne LOW, Yu-Ping WANG, Andrew LIU, Heme LIAO, Samantha KO, Tanivu YATAUYUNGANA, Sam YANG, Chia-Kuei CHEN, Ying-Xie ZHANG, Tanaka CHIE
  • Production Rosebud Production Co. Ltd.