New Heights


Forum Exclusives

world premiere
Drama | Switzerland | 2021

Episode(s): 1 & 2
Series: 8 x 45min

Michi is now a consultant in the dairy industry in Zurich. But after his father’s suicide, he must return to Neumatt, the family farm. The weight of responsibility calls into question his international ambitions: he can’t leave his mother and younger brother alone to run the farm, which is deeply indebted. Following an offer from the village mayor, the family property may have to be sold.

  • Création Marianne WENDT
  • Scénario Christian SCHILLER, Ruth REHMET, Dominik LOCHER, Marianne WENDT, Piet BAUMGARTNER
  • Réalisation Sabine BOSS, Pierre MONNARD
  • Musique Michael KÜNSTLE, Matteo PAGAMICI
  • Avec Julian KOECHLIN, Jérôme HUMM, Rachel BRAUNSCHWEIG, Sophie HUTTER, Marlise FISCHER, Anouk PETRI
  • Production Zodiac Pictures Ltd
  • Diffusion Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF