Between Two Worlds

Ein Hauch von Amerika

Germany |

3 x 90 min

In the 1950s, the US military presence disrupts the life of a German village. If two different “worlds” are facing each other, the opposition induced by the title of the series also seems to reflect the relationship between two families in the village, one bourgeois, the other farmer. The tender friendship between the two girls will be the bridge between these two families.

  • Directed by Dror ZAHAVI
  • Written by Johannes ROTTER Christoph MATHIEU
  • With Elisa SCHLOTT Reomy D. MPEHO Franziska BRANDMEIER Dietmar BÄR Julia KOSCHITZ Philippe BRENNINKMEYER Samuel FINZI
  • Music Martin STOCK
  • Production FFP NEW MEDIA, SWR/ARD
  • Broadcaster ARD