The Co-Pro Pitching Sessions are Series Mania’s founding premise and the most anticipated part of the Forum. The sessions allow for some 16 producers to pitch a series in development to potential financial partners.

A Best Project Award of 50 000€ is granted by a professional jury composed this 2021 edition by:


  • Polly WILLIAMS (United-Kingdom), Head of Drama, Entertainment One


  • Daniel CAMPOS PAVONCELLI (Italy), Head of Film and TV, Partner, Indiana Production PSA SPA
  • Sened DHAB (France), VP Digital Scripted, France Télévisions
  • Mar DIAZ, (Spain), Fiction Executive Producer, RTVE
  • Maria FELDMAN (USA/Israel), Producer and Creator, MASHA

The Best Project Award 2021 went to producer Alexander Rodnyansky of AR Content/Non-Stop Production and writer Matt Jones for Red Rainbow.


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More than a hundred projects have been presented as part of this program since its creation in 2013, including “The Head (Mediapro/Hulu), “No Man’s Land(Arte/Hulu) or “Devils(Sky).

This year, three series that participated in the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions are part of the Official Selection of the Festival: “Blackport”, “Jerusalem” and “The Last Socialist Artefact”.

In 2021, 560 projects coming from 59 countries have been submitted, ie. double compared to last year.

The final selection contains 15 projects. One project from the Drama Series Days, sidebar of the Berlin Film Festival, is also included on an out-of-competition basis.

2021 edition: the OFFICIAL SELECTION

AMAL – 8 x 60 min – Israel
  • Produced by Michael SHARFSHTEIN, Moshe EDERY, Eran RIKLIS for Topia Communications, United King Films,  Eran Riklis Productions
  • Created and written by Leslie ALLEN, Eran RIKLIS
  • Directed by Eran RIKLIS
  • Genre: Love story
GOLD TRAIN –  6 x 45 min – Germany
  • Produced by Oliver DAMIAN for 27 FILMS PRODUCTION
  • Written by Tali BARDE and Jennifer EGEN
  • Directed by Matthias LUTHARDT
  • Genre: Drama
MOZART MOZART –  6 x 45 min – Germany
  • Produced by Andreas GUTZEIT and Jens FREELS for Story House Pictures GmbH
  • Created by Andreas GUTZEIT and Swantje OPPERMANN
  • Genre: Period drama
PRISON BOY–  6 x 50 min – Canada
  • Produced by DYLAN JENKINSON and Jason R. GOODE for Hope of Glory Pictures Ltd. dba Jenkinson/Goode Productions
  • Written by Jason R. GOODE
  • Genre: Teen
LA PALMA –  6 x 45 min – Norway
  • Produced by Jan Eirik LANGØEN, Lasse GREVE ALSOS, Martin SUNDLAND for Fantefilm Fiksjon AS
  • Created by Lars GUDMESTAD, Harald ROSENLØW EEG, Martin SUNDLAND
  • Genre: Disaster
LIBERTY’S –  8 x 52 min – France
  • Produced by Joëy FARÉ for Scarlett Production /Groupe Mediawan and Cédric LE GALLO for Le Gallo Films
  • Created and written by Cédric LE GALLO
  • Genre: Musical
WE WERE LEGENDS –  6 x 52 min – France
  • Produced by Hugo LEGRAND-NATHAN for BIRTH and Sofiane ZERMANI for SAN SIRO Films
  • Written by Mounir BENALI and Abdel RAOUF DAFRI
  • Genre: Sport
NOBLE CAUSE – 6 x 52 min – Ireland, Switzerland
  • Produced by Mary CALLERY and Larry BASS for ShinAwiL, Peter REICHENBACH for C-Films and Jean-Marc FROHLE for Point Prod
  • Written by Christian WEHRLIN, Pascal GLATZ and John MURPHY
  • Genre: Thriller
MORESNET – 6 x 50 min – Belgium
  • Produced by Bert HAMELINCK and Helena VLOGAERT for Caviar Film and TV / Caviar Content
  • Created and written by Jef HOOGMARTENS
  • Directed by Frank VAN PASSEL and Jonas VAN GEEL
  • Genre: Mystery Thriller
PICADERO – 6 x 50 min – Spain, Colombia
  • Produced by Andrea H. CATALÁ for Amor y Lujo and Juan Diego VILLEGAS for Fidelio Films, and Zeta Studios.
  • Written by Almudena MONZÚ and Mauricio LEIVA COCK
  • Directed by Isabel COIXET
  • Genre: Crime drama
  • Produced by Gal UCHOVSKY, Micky RABINOVITZ, Moshe EDERY, Ami GLAM and “Reshet” for Light Stream, Mazeh Productions, United King Films
  • Created and directed by Eytan FOX
  • Written by Eli BIJAOUI, Shiri ARTZI, Orit KURITSKY, Yair AGMON, Tal MILLER
  • Genre: Drama
IN 1942 – 6 x 52 min – France
  • Produced by Noor SADAR
  • Written by Julie-Anna GRIGNON and Hagit SAAD
  • Genre: Period drama
CRUDE – 8 x 45 min – United-Kingdom
  • Produced by Angela GOURLEY for Amber Eye Films
  • Written by Oliver MALTMAN
  • Genre: Dramedy
COLD HAVEN – 8 x 50 min – Iceland, Portugal
  • Produced by Hordur RUNARSSON for Glassriver and Jose AMARAL for SPI
  • Written by Joana ANDRADE, Sveinbjörn I. BALDVINSSON, Filipa POPPE
  • Genre: Crime drama
RED RAINBOW – 8 x 50 min – Russia
  • Produced by Alexander RODNYANSKY for AR Content/Non-Stop Production
  • Written by Matt JONES
  • Genre: Period drama
BALATON BRIGADE – 8 x 50 min – Hungary
  • Produced by Gabor KRIGLER for Joyrider
  • Created by Gabor KRIGLER, Balazs LENGYEL and Balazs LOVAS
  • Directed by Ildikó ENYEDI
  • Genre: Spy drama
  • Project out of competition selected in partnership with the Berlinale

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