Become a partner of the Series Mania international festival

The series is a creative, innovative, universal, cross-generational and unifying medium. Series are for everyone.

In this light, the Series Mania festival opens 9 days to celebrate and feature the best current and future series from all around the world.

First festival entirely dedicated to series, Series Mania became in two years a key event for this medium, appealing to the general public as much as to the industry or the medias.

You can become a partner of Series Mania, a festive and accessible cultural event, both mainstream and of high standard:

  • Associate the image of your brand to the world of series, a creative medium, innovative and rapidly expanding
  • Take advantage of the international prestige of the event
  • Support cultural dialogue within the scope of a comprehensive artwork
  • Find an anchor point in a dynamic region in the heart of Europe

The richness of the Series Mania program, the diversity of its public and the multiplicity of the experiences will allow the creation of varied and original partnerships. Our team can help you to unify your communities, to enhance your brand image or to develop your public relations. Series Mania can be used to leverage your marketing, development and influence strategies.

Contact us to find out about the possibilities of partnership with Series Mania!


Clémence Baronnet

Partnership Manager