The PASS SERIES MANIA grants a VIP access to the festival.

It includes:
– Priority access to booking
– Skip-the-line access to all festival screenings (valid for one person, excluding the opening ceremony): all you need to do is present your PASS in the “Guests, press, pros, partners” line to be able to enter the theater in priority
– Skip-the-line access to the Village Festival by Crédit Mutuel
– An invitation for one person to the closing ceremony of the festival
– SERIES MANIA goodies

The PASS SERIES MANIA is assigned to a name:

Your first and last names and your photo will be printed on your PASS.
It is therefore not possible to lend your PASS.

How can I get my pass?

Once the reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation by email as well as a voucher to download to your smartphone. This will be required to be able to collect your PASS from Saturday August 21 at the SERIES MANIA bus (place du théâtre in Lille) or at the reception of the Village Festival by Crédit Mutuel (place Rihour) from Thursday August 26 at 12h00.

Screening Sessions

When will the booking space be available?

On our website:
From Tuesday, August 17th at 6pm, you can book your screenings for free : your sessions in Lille and your sessions in other regions.

How can I attend the screening sessions?

All screening sessions, meetings and conferences are free. Reservation is not mandatory but gives you priority over spectators without tickets.

There are three ways to attend the sessions:
1 – You do not have a ticket: all our sessions are accessible at the last minute. You need to go to the reception 15 minutes before the screening. First people arrived will be first people to enter !
2 – You have a ticke : You need to come at the latest 15 minutes before the screening begins, with your ticket (printed or downloaded on your phone) in the line ” WITH TIKET “.
3 – You have a Pass SERIES MANIA : You need to come with your pass no later than 10 minutes before screening begins in the line ” WITH PASS”.

Being in advance is the surest way to get access to the session: Having a Pass or a ticket can not guarantee a spot to the screening, the access is being done within the limits of available spots.

To avoid any disturbance to the audience, the entrance to the room is not allowed once the screening started.

How many tickets can I book?

For each reservation, according to the scheduled session, it is possible to withdraw 1, 2, 3 or 4 seats by screenig, with a maximum of 3 sessions per day.

How can I cancel my reservation?

If you cannot attend the screening you have booked, please be kind to the other series lovers and cancel your reservation. Send us an email at and mention the name and the time and day of the session you want to cancel.

Is it possible to withdraw tickets on the spot?

Yes! In all our theatres and for all our sessions, it is possible to take your tickets directly on site.

It is also possible to collect your tickets at the Village Festival from August 26th.

Village Festival by Crédit Mutuel is located in Lille, place Rihour.

Where are the festival screening locations?

In Lille:
– The UGC Ciné-Cité, 40 rue de Béthune
– The Majestic, 52 rue de Béthune
– The Nouveau Siècle, place Mendès France

Can I take pictures in the sreening rooms?

Photography is strictly prohibited.

How can I choose my sessions?

You will find the program sorted by types of competitions on Monday, july 19th.

All information about the sessions (summary of the series, accessibility, age limit) are also available when booking by clicking on the icon (i) for the session of your choice. The screenings are then sorted by day, by place and by hour.

If I cannot go to the free session I have booked, can I give my ticket to someone else?

Tickets are assigned to a name, but if you cannot attend, you can give your ticket to someone else. Any resale of tickets is strictly prohibited.

I have not received my e-tickets, what should I do?

When you make your reservation, you have 15 minutes to finalize it. After this time, your order may not be successful. You should reiterate your reservation. You should also check the “junk mail” or “spam” folders of your mailbox. If the problem is not fixed, please contact us at this address:

Are the screening sessions accessible to people with reduced mobility?

With the exception of rooms 6 and 9 of UGC Ciné-Cité, our screening rooms are accessible to people with reduced mobility. You can check this information on our program page.

For any reservation intended for people with reduced mobility in Lille, please contact us at For all sessions in the other regions, please contact the venue directly.

Are the sessions accessible to all?

Some festival sessions are not recommended for children under 12 years old. Please check this information on our program page or when booking the session.

The village festival by CRÉDIT mutuel

Should I book to visit the Village Festival by Crédit Mutuel?

Access to the Village Festival by Crédit Mutuel is free and available without any reservation, day or night. You don’t need any booking to access the signing sessions, the exhibitions or the bar of the Village Festival by Crédit Mutuel.



What are the sanitary measures?

We are very happy to see you again at the end of the summer for this new edition of the festival! We do everything we can to make Series Mania a real moment of reunion while ensuring everyone’s safety. Also, to allow everyone to participate, this 2021 edition is available in Lille but also online from August 26 to September 2.

Information relating to public reception will be regularly updated according to changes related to the health situation in France. We invite you to regularly consult this section to know the evolutions of the sanitary protocol. For more information please visit the government website: here.


Where can I find information about the festival and where can I get the program?

Several “points infos” will be available before and during the festival:
– At the Village Festival by Crédit Mutuel (Place Rihour)
– In the Series Mania Bus (Place du Théâtre) from Saturday, August 21
– At the entrance of each screening venue (UGC, Majestic, Nouveau Siècle)

How can I become a “Series Maniac”?

If you want to discuss TV shows, you can join the discussion group “Series Maniacs”: To join Series Maniacs

You did not find the answer to your question?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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